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The world’s first and simplest all-in-one HIV test wanted to connect with NGO’S.

The Simplitude™ ByMe™ is a simple HIV self-test that gives a result in less than 15 minutes with an accuracy of 99.6 percent and a specificity of 99.6 percent. With this accuracy and specificity is the ByMe similar to or better than laboratory testing. The product is also WHO Pre-qualified, CE approved, and has a multi-language packing. Self-testing offers a quick and reliable solution to screen for HIV infection, this test is specially made to make self-testing easier. The test is both suitable for testing at home and at HIV checkpoints and that is why we are searching for NGOs and resellers.

More about the Simplitude™ ByMe™

The Simplitude™ ByMe™ is a rapid diagnostic HIV self-test with four benefits. The first one is simple; there is only one device to prick the finger and collect the blood sample. The second one is control; everybody can do this test wherever and whenever they want. The third one is fast; quick and very easy to use. And the last one is accurate; 99.6 percent accurate and even better than laboratory testing.

What do we have to offer?

The ByMe is not only used as a discrete HIV test from the comfort of someone’s home but also as a point-of-care test. We at (which is part of Flynther Medical) want to prevent HIV and need your help to get the number of HIV patients to zero. Currently, several leading healthcare charities already make point-of-care testing available with the ByMe. Would you also like to help eliminate HIV please contact us at

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